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IPO Profile: Jessica Vampola, USCA Certified Helper

July 26, 2017  •  21 Comments
Women have been well represented at all levels of IPO competition. Unfortunately, it is uncommon to see female IPO helpers. This is starting to change and we are recently seeing quality women helpers emerge across the country. One such talent is Jessica Vampola of Ramona, California. I caught up with Jessica while she was visiting the Greater Houst...
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IPO Profile: Weston Kester, National Level Helper

October 16, 2016  •  5 Comments
One of the most enjoyable parts of travelling countrywide to photograph IPO Championships is the people I meet. Many of the stories are truly inspiring. I have this silly idea to share these stories in a series of blogs. This is the second such blog of what I hope will be many. I n 2014 I photographed the Northwestern Regional Championship in Li...
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IPO Profile: Colleen Gorgas, Diane Vegsund and Sherrie Balcioni

October 08, 2016  •  1 Comment
Colleen Gorgas is one of the more supportive and positive people I have met in dog sport. This wonderful woman, who originates from East Germany, has been active in Schutzhund for more than 40 years. She lives in Ripon, California and trains with the Way out West (WOW) Schutzhund Club. Diane Vegsund, Zari and Colleen Gorgas at the 2016 Northwester...
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Magic: A visit to South County Schutzhund Club

September 03, 2016  •  4 Comments
On my recent trip to San Jose, I hoped by arriving at 8:30pm on Friday night might make it possible to drive to my first training club, South County Schutzhund Club (SCSC), in time to maybe catch the last handful of dogs doing protection. Dave Deleissegues is the Training Director at SCSC and an all-round awesome individual. Dave was instrumental i...
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My First Schutzhund USA Magazine Cover

July 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
I've been a reader of Schutzhund USA magazine for more than a decade. However I looked forward to the July/August with particular interest. You see, this issue was to feature my images from the United Schutzhund Clubs of America Working Dog Championship (WDC). This is the story of how this came to be. While I have been an avid portrait photograp...
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