Client testimonials 

20170506_#19209_WDC_untitled20170506_#19209_WDC_untitledNoel Hare III & Ben Milargo IPO3. 2017 WDC in Buffalo, NY. Photo by Brian Aghajani Photography.

"Sometimes you meet extremely skilled professionals.. 
During my visit as a judge for the 2017 New England Regional Championship in USA for some weeks ago I met one.  Often when I judge I have to guide the photographers because they are all over the place. Brian, you were like a ghost.  I didn’t see you, didn’t hear you, and you didn’t disturb any dog or handler... still you show us pictures like you was in the middle of the field! It impresses me. You take crazy good and very special photos, please keep it up."

                - Pierre Wahlstrom, Lund, Sweden.  7 times World Championship IPO Judge, 2007 WUSV IPO World Champion


"I have had the pleasure of showing my dog at several National and World events. I have traveled all over the USA and Europe showing my dog. Hands down, Brian is the most consistent and talented at capturing the emotion and action in our sport. He also puts forth extreme effort and dedication into his art. You won't be disappointed."    

                - Sean O'Kane, Danville, IL.   2017 WDC Champion, 2010-2011 GSD IPO Champion,  Multi-time USA World Team Competitor


"His pictures are amazing!! Brian is the best dog sport photographer out there!!"  

                -Mario Sergio Gomes,  South Yarmouth, MA.  2017 Brazilian National Team competitor at 2017 WUSV


"I've been in the sport for 24 years and competed at national events for the last 10 years. Brian is BY FAR the absolute BEST at "caching the moment". His understanding of where to be on the field and knowledge of the sport allows him to get incredible shots that capture the beauty, intensity, power and harmony of our sport."

                 - Frank Phillips, Bedford, NH.  USCA Judge, Vice Champion 2017 FCI World IPO Championship  


"Dear Brian, From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! Your skill, diligence, patience and passion are ever present in the spectacular images you took of our dogs. Please don't ever stop taking pictures!"

                 - Nadia Adams, Atlanta, GA.  2017 USCA Siegerin, VA1 Female working dog with title, stock coat


"Brian has made beautiful and wonderful pictures of me and "Irck de la Hutte du Berger" at the World Championships in Tilburg, Netherlands.  The shots are super."

                  - Marc Christine, 2017 German National WUSV Team competitor


"Brian you are an absolute perfectionist! That attribute is necessary to be the best of the best. Which you are HANDS DOWN THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER!  I will forever cherish my photo shoot with you and Xindi!  Amazing memories created and captured by you."

                  - Karen Bartosh, Terrell, TX.  2017 USCA Siegerin, VA1 Female working dog with title, long stock coat


"There are many great photographers, however, few, are able to consistently capture moments like Brian. Time and time again Brian is able to bring a single moment in time to life as if you were right there. He is incredibly talented and passionate about what he does and this shows with his brilliant images and unparalleled work ethic."

                  - Jessy Gabiel, Austin, TX.  x2 USA National Team Captain, x3 USA World IPO Team member 


"In a day where everyone has a phone and camera at their finger tips, it takes an artist to set their photography apart from the masses. Brian is that artist. He has a way of capturing the temperament and personality of his subjects, and more importantly, the relationship of the teams. I can't recommend Brain enough, whether it's to capture the exciting details of your event, or it's too highlight memories of a special relationship. You will be so grateful that you chose him, as you will look at your photos and they will touch your emotions."

                   - Christie Meyer Faccinto, Cookeville, TN.


"Watching Brian at the USMRA Nationals I was super impressed with his good nature and willingness to go to extremes to get the best shots. While the rest of us were huddled under umbrellas shivering and complaining about the cold and rain, Brian was sprawled out on the wet, cold ground getting the best angle for the best shot that only he can see. When I saw the finished product I understood. So many great pictures capturing the spirit of the sport as well as the personalities and relationship of dog and handler. He also takes time to learn about the sport and the people involved. I love reading his posts. His descriptions are as artistic as his photographs. Yay Brian. Thank you!"

                     - Jessica Valentine, Clairmont, CA.  2018 USMRA Mondioring Nationals Level 2 Vise Champion.   


"After being in dog sport for ten years, and also playing high level athletics, I have seen tons of artists and their work. None of them come close to the unbelievable quality that Brian produces. He is a man with unrivaled talent and an impeccable work ethic. It is always a joy to see Brian flying around the field faster than any of the handlers; in a manner that doesn't take away from what's going on in the field, but preserves the moments forever. Thank you Brian, I am one of many who truly treasure your talent and work!"

                    - Chris Campbell, Vacaville, CA.  2nd place 2017 USCA Working Dog Championship


"Brian's knowledge of dogs, handlers and the sport and the quality of his equipment come together to create the most amazing action and candid shots, we love to go to competitions where he will be the photographer as we know he will capture shots that we will cherish for years to come!"

                    - Louise Jollyman, Cortland Manor, NY.  Breeder, National level IPO and AKC competitor


"Brian is one of the very best photographers that I have ever seen in the sport. I go back to the Doug Loving days so I have seen a lot of photographers. Although his pictures are outstanding, from any angle, he is just an absolutely nice guy to work around. He has a great eye and great attitude. You are the man."

                    - Randall Hoadley, Dallas, TX.  GSDCA Judge and National level IPO competitor


"I have been in Schutzhund for 36 years. I have attended countless of USCA's Nationals. I have seen many professional photographers in that time. Brian is the best. And a plus on top of that he's a pretty nice fellow.  We have really enjoyed his being at some of our South Central Regional Events. And if you only knew how much time he puts into going through all those shots to pick out the best."

                   - Dena McGowan, Houston, TX.  Veterinarian & USCA South Central Region Director


"Brian has the ability to capture life, memories that we will cherish for ever. I don't know a photographer that works harder to give you the best quality photographs that leave you wanting more. The best in the business. And very professional. I'm a fan of all his work."

                    - Waine Singelton, Chicago, IL.  USCA, DVG & AWDF National Level IPO Helper


"I cannot speak highly enough of Brian Aghajani! He has an absolutely amazing eye for capturing those perfect and phenomenal moments. His pictures are always outstanding, his work ethic is fantastic, and his natural "eye" and skill for capturing the moment are extraordinary. During his work, he is able to set himself up for the shot in a quiet and unobtrusive manner, and always lines up shots to perfection. Plus, Brian is a wonderful person, always polite and amiable, always with a smile on his face."

                     - Carissa Kuehn, Sacramento, CA.  USCA Northwestern Region Director


"Brian has a talent in his timing that is unmatched. I have many of his photos pinned on my walls, and he is absolutely the best. Number one by far."

                     - Joel, Monroe, Delhi, CA.  2014 USCA N.Western Region IPO Champion, USCA Certified IPO Teaching Helper


"Brian is the best!! He always seems to capture the moment and produce beautiful photos. It's actually exciting to participate in an event in which he is the photographer because you KNOW you will get excellent shots of your dog! The hardest part is deciding which ones are the best because they are all so perfect. I feel very lucky to have so many photographs he has taken as a memento of experiences with my dog."

                      - Theresa Currier, Frederick, MD.  2017 USA National Team member to WUSV


"I'm not really sure how Brian is able to do what he does. I'm not really familiar with the technology he uses or the strategies he employs when he's setting up to shoot his photographs. All I know is that the end result is different than every other photographer's work I've seen in the field of dog sports. The pictures he has taken of my dogs in various competitions are my treasures. Brian's talent exceeds my ability to express what I see. And beyond the photographic realm, you won't find a better human being. Brian is an all-around prince that is for sure."

                      - Danny Craig, Sand Diego, CA.  2017 USCA S.West Region IPO Champion


"Brian is able to capture the essence of a moment, not just a photo. The photography he showcases is able to relate the emotion of that second, to a viewer that has no knowledge of the real intensity, but can feel it from the vivid colors and movement that was captured."

                      - Sami Hanna, Williamston, MI.  National level IPO competitor


"Brian's work is amazing!!! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a first-class photographer."

                      - Katie Gillies, Pickerington, OH.  National level IPO competitor


"Brian is the Karl Malone of photography. He's the Mailman. Rain or shine, hot or cold Brian always delivers some of the most memorable action photos. He has a gift for capturing the perfect moment."

                      - Vadim Plotsker, Manchester, NH.  USCA Judge and National level IPO competitor


"FABULOUS photographer! Captures the best moments with the perfect composition!"

                       - Laurie Cappola, Saratoga Springs, NY.  USCA World Team Member


"Brian Aghajani is an amazing photographer. He has captured my most treasured images of my dogs. He really understands where to be to get the best shots. 
He is professional and kind. He is the BEST!"

                        - Teresa Cowart, San Diego, CA.  2016 South Central Regional IPO Champion, National level IPO competitor


"Brian is the best dogsport photographer in the entire business. He is incredibly talented at what he does and is able to capture the most beautiful, breathtaking images."

                        - Tim Cutter, Menlo Park, CA.  3rd Place 2017 AWDF IPO Championship, USCA Certified Regional IPO Helper


"His photos never cease to amaze me. Not only are they technically brilliant, but his ability to capture the absolute perfect moment is second to none. He knows exactly what parts of a routine an IPO competitor would want captured in photos and delivers every time! Plus, he is a super nice guy."

                         - Kathleen Sanderson, Chicago, IL.  National level IPO competitor


"Brian is a true student of his craft. His desire to capture the movement and mood of each shot is evident as he crawls, runs and rolls into position on the field! In addition, his knowledge of the sport, being a competitor himself, allows him to be prepared to get those shots that truly show the athleticism and talent of the animals. The result: magnificent photos. Thank you Brian! You are an asset to the sport of Schutzhund!"

                         - Lori Lippincott, Lincoln, CA.  


"Thank you Brian for the Awsome job you did in photographing our dogs. You are an amazing photographer with the eye of an artist, you are able to see the essence of the individual dogs personality and capture it in time with your photographs."

                          - Terry Gimple, Amarillo, TX.  vom Vollkommen Shepherds 


"Brian Aghajani is bar none the best photographer for IPO competition that I have ever seen. There's no secret to his success... he has outstanding equipment, excellent feel for scene composition, flawless technique, and knowledge of the sport from a competitor's point of view. Brian knows where to position himself to be in the right place at the right time to capture the perfect shot. I am thrilled anytime I see him listed as the official photographer for IPO championships.

Furthermore, his photos are prominently displayed in Schutzhund USA magazine in the articles for any events that he is present. His photos are cover-page worthy and any article that features his photos is enhanced by their quality.

In summary, Brian Aghajani is an outstanding dog sport photographer because he has the right equipment, instincts, field position, technique, and PASSION for excellence."

                         - Yvette Skinner, Valejo, CA.  Contributing writer for USCA Schutzhund magazine


"Brian's work surpasses all. He gives 110% to his work. He is extremely passionate about his photos and the people. He catches memorable moments in each of his photos. He is very personable and genuine with everyone. I enjoy his work and interacting with him at each of the events. Hands down the best person to know as a friend and as a photographer."

                          - Weston Kester, Lincoln, CA.  USCA IPO, Sieger and AWDF National level IPO Helper


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20170506_#17931_WDC_Chris Campbell20170506_#17931_WDC_Chris CampbellChris Campbell & Sirkus vom Donau-Ries IPO3. 2nd overall at 2017 WDC in Buffalo, NY. Photo by Brian Aghajani Photography.