Composite artwork is a great way to combine a handful of images into one large print. Print is made on gloss metal to reveal stunning detail. 

Composite Artwork Gallery 

How to Order:

  1. You can order any time after you receive your photography collection. Pre-Orders are prioritized. Click Here to order
  2. Normally artwork is composed by Brian Aghajani, however you are more than welcome to select the images you would like featured. Note, not all images are suitable for a composite. Three to four images with vertical orientation work best.
  3. You will be send a draft of the image for approval prior to print. 
  4. Allow 4 weeks for securely packaged print to be delivered via FedEx.  Delivery time may be longer immediately following national or world championship as editing and delivery of image collections are done prior to composition of composite artwork.   



Composit pricingComposit pricing


Float mount. ½ inch black aluminum

1 float mount1 float mount


Flush mount. ¾ inch black aluminum.

1 Flush mount1 Flush mount


24"x36" gloss metal print with float mount

Liza OmelchenkoLiza Omelchenko

1 wall photo1 wall photo