We are please to share highlights from the 2022 WUSV IGP World Cup in Randers, Denmark


Aghajani Photography was established in 2012 with Brian Aghajani specializing in dog sport photography.  In 2017 Brian met Jessica at an IGP championship and they soon became a 'thing' which led to marriage. Jessica brought videography artistry into the the work mix. They now shoot as a photography & videography team.  A couple that trains together stays together. Specially if they photograph together! 

Jessica and Brian are also IGP competitors. They have four HOT working dogs, two of which active, one rescue street dog named Rocky, a rescue race horse named Charger and an Eclectus parrot named Groot.

They travel the world in a quest for inspiring dog sport imagery with a mission to shine light on the purpose, athleticism and emotion of working dog sport.   They have photographed more than 50 championships including the WUSV and FMBB IGP World Championships. 

Aghajani Photography is based in Houston, Texas.

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