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Jul/Aug 2018 Issue coverMar/Apr 2018 Issue coverJan/Feb 2018 Issue coverNovember 2017 issue features my capture of DexterAndrew Brennan with Chloe at the 2017 North Eastern Region IPO Championship in Pittsburg, PA.France #02 Grisou du Niclausenholz gaurding Jan van Maren.  WUSV 2017Canada #03 Checker v. Speedteam Bodensee at the 2017 WUSV in Tilburg, NL.Tarzan at the North Eastern 2017 Regional IPO Championship in Pittsburg, PA.USA #02 Boss v. Adlerschrie front half with Jan van Maren. 2017 WUSV. Tilburg, NLUSA #03 Frank Phillips and Kliff v. Haus Floyd at the 2017 WUSV World Championship in Tilburg, NL.2017 WUSV World IPO Champion. Germany #02 Debby v. Eisernen Kreusz.  Tilburg, NLUSA #03 Kliff v. Floyd Haus listens to Nicky Kuipers opinion. 2017 WUSV. Tilburg, NLTeam USA 2017 WUSV. Tilburg, NLXora v. Meerhout IPO3 FH2Sean O'Kane & Dexter vom Eisernan Kruez, IPO3 at the 2016 USCA GSD Nationals in Merced, CA.Lux #01 Xanuk v. Grauen Star strips sleeve from Nicky Kuipers. 2017 WUSV. Tlberg, NLBen Milargo long bite on Weston Kester in the back-half of IPO3 protection at the 2017 WDC in Buffalo, NY.Jessica Vampola with AkulaJessica VampolaJessica Vampola