Personal Photo Sessions by Brian Aghajani

AWMA National Championship

Saturday October 28th, 2023

2pm - 4pm

Limited availability to 5 bookings


$375 Print Package (Best Value)


  • 30-minute photo session
  • (1) 16"x20" HD Metal Print w/ flush ¾" black aluminum mount, ready to hang 
  • (10) 8x10 gloss prints
  • digital copy of each print
  • Photoshop optimization of each photo (post-processing)


$199 Digital Package 


  • 30-minute photo session
  • (10) digital images in .jpeg format
  • Photoshop optimization of each photo (post-processing)


A unique opportunity to offer individual photo sessions. Early booking is recommended, as sessions are limited.

Most dogs enjoy the attention and make willing models for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the temperature. Because each genre can take up to twenty minutes, we recommend concentrating on two poses. If your dog cooperates, we can be efficient, enabling us to move on to more poses. However, some dogs can be uncooperative, so knowing what genre is most important to capture will help ensure a successful session.  

Recommended concentrating on two genres for a session:

  • Portrait of Dog with Handler or Family
  • Portrait of Dog only (full body)
  • Head Shot
  • Stack (Recommended for stack trained dogs only)
  • Action:
    • Running
    • Obedience
    • Frisby
    • Ball play
    • Protection with your helper (May not be possible due to location).   


Each photo will include post-process editing to clean up and enhance the image and give it a look that is the signature of prints that carry the AGHAJANI watermark. The post-processing step consists of a subtle clean-up of the portrait and color grading. However, we do not alter the dog structure, including top lines and stances. 

The location will be near the trial field. Time and location information to come. Sessions are weather dependent. In case of rain or overcast, orders will be refunded.




  "Amigo" photo shoot for Federico DeLa Labstida in Merrimack, NH"Amigo" photo shoot for Federico DeLa Labstida in Merrimack, NH"Amigo." Albert von der Stolper Landiebe, IPO3. Owner: Federico DeLa T Labstida. Personal photo in Merrimack, NH. Brian Aghajani Photography. Sept 29,2017.

Behind the scene of session with Danet von Steinbeckland in San Jose, CABehind the scene of session with Danet von Steinbeckland in San Jose, CA2018 USCA NW Region IPO Championship. San Jose, CA.