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2018 USCA GSD National IPO Championshop Podium (Top 3)Erin O'Shea & Vegas 1st Place, Helpers Favorite Award, High Protection ScoreDoug Jeffery, Erin O'Shea with Vegas, Trainer Christian Meick.Frank Phillips & Kliff 2nd Place, High Scoring US Bred, High Scoring New England Region AwardJohn Kennedy & Knox 3rd PlaceLiz King 4th PlaceVadim Plotsker 8th PlaceCheryl Nance & LOki 10th Place2018 USCA GSD National IPO Championship Podium (Full)20181102_BrianAghajani_00726-3Jessica Vampola & IngoNathaniel Roque Protection Judge2016 USCA Podium winners 12 years later: Ronny Burmer, Claudia Hofmann with Yara & Mike DiehlRonny Burmer, Claudia Hofmann with Yara & Mike Diehl2016 USCA IPO Nationals Vice Champion Yaravon den Wannaer (15.5 yrs now)20181103_BrianAghajani_00778-3Erin O'Shea before taking the field and wining the 2018 USCA NationalsView from stadium 1View from Stadium 2Ronnie Weiss supporters