Jan Feb 2018 Issue coverMike Diehle & Mike Sweeny representing USA on podium of 2018 WUSV World IPO ChampionshipNovember 2017 issue features my capture of DexterSean O'Kane & Dexter v. Eisernen Kreuz. 2017 WUSV IPO World Championship in Tilburg, NLAndrew Brennan with Chloe at the 2017 North Eastern Region IPO Championship in Pittsburg, PA.WUSV 2017Team Cananda's Checker v. Speedteam Bodensee at the 2017 WUSV in Tilburg, NL.Lisa Smith's Tarzan at the North Eastern 2017 Regional IPO Championship in Pittsburg, PA.Frank Phillips and Kliff v. Haus Floyd at the 2017 WUSV World Championship in Tilburg, NL.Sean O'Kane & Dexter vom Eisernan Kruez, IPO3 at the 2016 USCA GSD Nationals in Merced, CA.2017 WUSVYucero Bohemia during judge critique a the 2017 N.East Region IPO ChampionshipBen Milargo long bite on Weston Kester in the back-half of IPO3 protection at the 2017 WDC in Buffalo, NY.Jessica VampolaJessica VampolaJessica VampolaET von der Salztal-Höhe mid-stride during Courage Test in a May 2017 personal photo session in Macon, GA.Xora van Meerhout, IPO3 , FH2, KKL, 2017 USCA Universal Siegrin.Nadia Adams' Capri von den Oher Tannen during a personal photo session at the 2017 USCA Sieger Show, Macon, GA.E.T. von der Salztal-Höhe stopping the escape during May 2017 personal photo session in Macon, GA.